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"I am going to tell everyone about your office! This was a great experience after! panicked in other MRI machines and had to leave. Thank you so much." - Susan O., 39


"I suffer from vertigo and other MRIs do not work. This was wonderful absolutely NO discomfort at all. The MRI was so fast...! wanted to stay and watch the movie! Rami was great. His humor really put me at ease. I’ve already recommended Imaging Centers of America to friends." - Judith B., 61


"There was nothing unpleasant at all a huge relief after attempting the traditional MRI. It was a very comfortable atmosphere — un-hospital like." - Liz H, 52


"Great Experience, I am extremely claustrophobic and this was EASY!" - Mark C., 66


"Hopefully, this is what the future of all MRI treatments will be!" - Marsha S,47


"As an MS patient, I am very used to having MRI’s. But, I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful staff they really went out of their way to ensure that things went smoothly today." - Mary S, 60


"I was a patient in your center this morning. The girls at the front desk were very pleasant and checked me in quickly. Then, the MRI tech was so very nice. All in all, a great experience!" - Kylie R, 29


"Terrific people, thank you for treating me like a fellow human being! Not all places do that anymore." - Joshua M, 42


"The staff was well trained, helpful, and respectful. They really listened and when I mentioned I was uncomfortable, they didn’t look at me funny as other doctor’s offices have. I have already started referring people over because I just appreciated how I was treated. This was a successful experience." - Betsy M


"My overall experience at Imaging Centers of America was excellent. The staff was so helpful, and treated me so kindly. I have already started referring friends to your facility. " - Karen


"I can’t say enough about the transportation department at imaging Centers of America. They are always on time and the girls are as sweet as can be. I appreciate them so much. My sons and daughters are so pleased. I have never met such kind people before." - Iris


"Today I had a lumbar spine MRI. I was apprehensive at the thought of laying on my back and the pain it was going to cause. Once the tech explained what was going to go on, and I saw that my mental imagine was nothing like what it was going to be I was comfortable with the whole process. The staff at Imaging Centers of America offered great customer service from start to finish." - Kerstiri P.


"This is a first-rate facility for MRIs, CT scans, and Ultra Sounds. It’s a good place to have an open MRI, for those like myself with claustrophobia. They are efficient, remarkably so for a medical facility! They are helpful, professional and polite, and every time I have been here they have been right on time with my appointment. I recommend Imaging Centers of America to any one and talked the doctor I work for to send our patients there."


If I could give 10 stars I would! I am 16weeks 2days today, the first time I visited was 15weeks 2 days. I chose here because of the great reviews and I wasn't disappointed! The first time I went, baby wasn't cooperative and kept giving us his (yes it's a boy!) back and not opening his legs so we were there almost over an hour.

The tech was amazing! I wish I got her name, but it seems she's there every Sunday! She was talking to baby and making conversations, and very gentle! The facility is amazing as well, very clean and welcoming. I was able to go back today for a free session since it didn’t work the first time. It is definitely worth your money and affordable :) I love it and I think I may go back once I'm further along :) thank you imaging centers of America!!! parking is awesome because it is free parking in the front and if you go during the weekend (YES they’re open saturday!),:) you won’t regret coming here!


Amazing experience! First time pregnant & first time ever seeing my baby so clearly. I have to say, it was very emotional for both my husband & I, and the staff made us feel very comfortable. We chose this place b/c of the reviews & were not disappointed. Everything said is absolutely true. Parking was problem free, the staff is very welcoming & friendly, the office itself very clean & comfortable.

We didn't have to wait (which always frustrates my husband) & were taking in @ our appointment time. We did not feel rushed & the environment was very relaxing & peaceful. Equipment looked very new & hi-tech. The images were amazing! It's an indescribable feeling that every mother should experience to see & get to know the baby you are growing inside...

Our baby was a bit camera shy & was moving around a lot, so the tech took time to get the perfect images, w/o rushing us or stressing me out, I highly recommend this place!


"I am truly pleased with the service they provided me. I would recommend this place to everyone, felt very comfortable from the time I walked in until the time we left. I wasn't able to clearly see the baby so they gave an another appointment to come back for free and try again. Very professional and extremely beautiful facility. The bed was amazing and the images on the screen were perfect. Completely worth it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the very professional level of service you provided and arranging the MRI at short notice, which was greatly appreciated..." - Mr. Teliford


"Yesterday I visited Imaging Centers of America for a CT scan and would like to thank you and the staff, for the consideration and interest shown to me..." - Mr. Lopez


"I would like to put on record that I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone who requires a MRI scan..." - Mrs. Zue


"Just a note to thank you for all your care and attention. The clinic has a great convenient location, the staff are reassuring and professional. The gentleman who discussed my san with me was patient and explained everything to with high detail, when I took the scan to my knee specialist; he commented on how good the quality was. Thank you for the great service."


"I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at Imaging Centers of America, who made my visit such a positive experience. Everyone was kind, reassuring and efficient and we appreciated the great service and the way in which you went beyond the call of duty. Please give my kindest regards to everyone."


"Very good turnaround on reports. Great communication on sending and receiving images, exceptionally professional and friendly staff. Imaging Centers of America I will have all my testing’s done with you guys, thank you or your excellent work."


"We are tremendously happy with your service. All of our physicians are expressing their appreciation. Thank you."


"Great reliability, turnaround time and overall support... Very professional & Friendly!"


"We chose Imaging Centers of America because of their sub-specialty expertise and experience with weight-bearing MRI. Imaging Centers of America has been instrumental in our success."


"I have used several different MRI services over the last decade and Imaging Centers of America is clearly the best I’ve used."


"Imaging Centers of America, are very professional and friendly, a very friendly environment, I was late and they were still able to make arrangements to be seen right after I walked in, the technicians didn’t take long, and my doctors office received the results the very next day."


"Imaging Centers of America. The process was fast and easy. The staff was also kind and thorough. Things turned out great!. The office was really pretty and Ijust felt so at ease. It’s a shame this is usually only a one stop shop. I had great service."


"Imagine Centers of America, I loved the service, less wait then at my local hospitals outpatient centers, professional and friendly staff, the technicians were very friendly and gave me all the information I needed, and my doctors office received my results the very next day."


"I needed an CT with contrast of my head done ASAP, and no facility had open appointments nor could many take in my insurance providers, their friendly front desk girls right away, made my appointment, got me verified with my insurance benefits, got me in quickly and my doctor received my results the very next day, very professional facility, I would recommend them to any one, thank you very much Imagining centers of America."


"Had to get a MRI and found easy parking and I need to be at work within 2 hours and well with my half hour drive I thought I was going to be there for an hour or two, was out in an hour made it work on time and didn’t hesitate to rush."


"Imagine Centers of America, I went their my first time, so I had to fill out all the forms. I took longer than they did! The brownish-blonde female and the short brunet girl behind the desk were both so very efficient - the place was busy but they were cool as a cucumber, Yet the friendliest were the MRI techs. Very friendly and professional facility as well as clean and fast."


"Imaging Centers of American, Great place if you need a fast MRI done!"


"MRI is not a fun procedure but everyone at this facility made it very easy and as comfortable as possible. The office is clean and nice. My appointment was on Saturday (yes, they are open on Saturdays!) and even though it was Labor Day weekend and late in the day, they were patient, professional, and very nice from beginning to end. The MRI tech, who gave me the contrast injection, explained everything before and during the procedure, frequently checking to see how I was doing. I'm sure most of the things they told me are things they repeated throughout the day as they said they’ve been seeing patients back-to-back since 9am but they didn’t rush through anything and were quite thorough."