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Why it’s done

X-ray technology is used to examine many parts of the body.

Fracture and infections. In most cases, fractures and infections in bones and teeth show up clearly on X-rays.

 X-ray of your joints can reveal evidence of arthritis. X-ray taken over years can help your doctor determine of your arthritis is worsening.

  Special types of X-rays tests can measure the density of your bones.

Bone cancer.
 X-rays can also reveal tumor in your bones.


Lung infection or conditions.  Evidence of the problem such as pneumonia, tuberculosis or lung cancer can show up on chest x-rays.

Breast cancer.
Mammography is a special type of x-ray test used to examine breast tissue.

Enlarged heart.
One of the sign of congestive heart failure is an enlarged heart, which shows up clearly on X-rays.

Blocked blood vessels.
 Injecting a contrast material that contain iodine can help highlight section of yours circulatory system so that they can be seen on X-rays


Digestive tract problem.
Barium a contrast medium delivered in a drink or in an enema, can help reveal problem anywhere in your digestive system.

Swallowed items.
 If your child has swallowed something like a key or a coin an X-ray can show the location of that object.